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Albany Starfish Swim Club

Starfish Swim Club Carwash Fundrfaiser

The Albany Starfish Swim Club depends on fundraising to provide the highest quality experience to its swim team members. Every year we try to out do the last. Help us meet our goal and then some! We have some new and exciting plans for this season that can only be achieved with your help!!

About Albany Starfish Swim Club: The Starfish Swim Club began its mission to provide quality instruction and coaching to the Albany area as the SUNYA Swim Club in 1965. Our commitment has always been to achieve excellence in athletics and public service . Our goal is to develop competitive swimmers both as athletes and as well rounded young men and women. Our mission continues to this day to provide our members with the tools necessary to reach the highest levels of success within the sport of swimming and to instill the qualities which will assist them in achieving success throughout their life during and after their competitive experience.

Sorry, this fundraiser is under construction.

Check back soon for more updates.

Goal: $ 5,000.00
Total Raised: $ 1,305.00

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Lee Kaback
Phone: (401) 451-4224