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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I get started?
A. Register your organization online. This is where you will set up a login and password, enter all of your organization and chairperson contact information, and upload any pertinent logos, photos and goals. Once you receive your confirmation email from Helping Hands, you can begin fundraising.
Q. Can the tickets be used at a Self-Service location?
A. Yes. The Exterior tickets can be used for the Ultimate car wash at a self-service touch-free location. The bar code can be scanned for payment.
Q. Why are the Kingston and Saratoga Car Wash facilities not included on the list of Full Service locations to sell the Full Service tickets?
A. Since COVID, we have not updated this information on our fundraising tickets. The Full Service tickets can be used at these two locations.
Q. Do the tickets expire?
A. No. There is no expiration date on either the e-tickets or the Car Wash tickets. The coupons included with the ticket don't expire either.
Q. My relatives live in a different area. Can they support our organization?
A. As long as there is a Hoffman Car Wash in your area, we will honor fundraising tickets purchased with similar services. If you have specific questions or scenarios, please feel free to contact a Helping Hands specialist at
Q. My organization requires me to raise a certain amount of money. If my friends and family want to support me by purchasing car washes online, does Helping Hands keep track of this?
A. Yes. When any of your supporters purchase a car wash through the Helping Hands online shopping cart, a question that needs to be answered is, 'Which child/seller are you supporting?' This is where they can enter your name. That information will be sent to your Fundraising Chairperson.

Online Ordering

Q. Can online orders be refunded?
A. Yes. Please contact your fundraising chairperson to facilitate a refund.

Order Form

Q. How do I pay for my order?
A. The Chairperson can pay in 3 different ways:

  • Credit card. This option is available to the Fundraising Chairperson when placing an order online via the Helping Hands Chairperson home page. They can choose mail the order or pick up the order at our office.
  • Check. Make the check payable to Hoffman Car Wash and bring it with you when you pick up the order or mail it to the office. If mailing, once it is received the order will be shipped to the organization address unless told otherwise.
  • Cash. Bring cash with you when you pick up the order at our office.

Supporters who purchase online must use a credit card.

In all cases, payment must be made before an order will be filled.

Q. Can we use last year's order forms?
A. Before using order forms from a past Helping Hands fundraiser, please be sure to contact us in case any changes to the program have been made.
Q. What if we have tickets left over or ordered by mistake?
A. Tickets never expire so you may choose to keep them and sell them at a later date. You may also want to raffle them off or give them away as volunteer appreciation gifts.

You can also return them for a refund. Please select the Ticket Return option on your Chairperson home page and follow the instructions for a return.